Instructional Videos

Introduction to the Integrated Cycler

The Integrated Cycler is an innovation in real-time PCR instrumentation, offering scalability unlike any instrument currently available. Within a square foot of bench space the Integrated Cycler can process up to 96 patient samples per run in less than 80 minutes. The intuitive software is LIS compatible, generates run reports, and allows users to build cycling parameters. The bar-code scanner decreases transcription error and facilitates sample loading.



How to Use the Integrated Cycler

From our laboratory to yours. Learn how to set up your Integrated Cycler and use the intuitive software and Universal Disc to perform your laboratory testing.




How to Use the Direct Amplification Disc

Simplexa™ Direct chemistry, Direct Amplification Disc, and Integrated Cycler free your laboratory from the constraints of the costly, time-consuming extraction process. Your laboratory can have the convenience of running one sample at a time, up to eight samples per disc. The Simplexa™ Direct chemistry uses a propriety reaction-mix technique that performs extraction and amplification in one protocol. Your easy to understand results will be ready in about an hour.