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The small footprint is only part of the big picture…

Supported by an expanding, broad menu of Simplexa™ molecular assays, the Integrated Cycler allows you to run clinically validated, real-time PCR for quantitative, qualitative and multi-analyte detection.

The Integrated Cycler is:

  • A versatile, practical laboratory instrument
  • Scalable, flexible, small and fast
  • Easily integrated into a lab’s daily operations

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Learn more about the Universal Disc or the Direct Amplification Disc.

Length: 12 in / 31 cm; Width: 8 in / 21 cm; Height: 12 in / 31 cm
17 lb / 8 kg
Regular power requirements
110/220 volt compatible
Fast Ramp Rates
Heating >5ºC/sec
Universal Disc
Single-use disc with 96-well capacity
Direct Amplification Disc
Multi-use disc with 8-well capacity
Simple barcode scanning
For easy information loading
From the amplification of preprocessed samples to full integration